What do we do?


The YEA Fellowship is a semester-long program for undergraduate and graduate students to engage with ideas and strategies for improving the world. Fellows will combine the head and the heart, as they apply rigor and rationality to questions regarding morality and altruism.

Fellows will
... Explore practical and philosophical questions in weekly discussions
... Gain access to discussions with guest speakers and professors
... Participate in an intensive introductory workshop
... Benefit from individual 1-on-1 mentorship and career-planning
... Determine as a group where to allocate money for charity
... Join a dedicated and passionate community

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Weekly Discussion Group

This is a place for people with a fair understanding of Effective Altruism to discuss relevant topics within the movement. Discussion topics are chosen and facilitated by YEA community members. The topic of the week and Zoom link are included in the weekly newsletter. In the past, topics included criminal justice reform, voting, money and lifestyle, population ethics, and religion.

Weekly AI Discussion Group

This is a place for people who are interested in Artificial Intelligence safety to discuss papers and ideas in the field. Default facilitators are Ali Merali, Thomas Woodside, and Joe Kwon. If you'd like to participate, please email joseph.kwon@yale.edu.

Discussions with Professors

Every semester, Yale EA hosts a discussion with professors whose research interests align with or are relevant to Effective Altruism. Past professors include moral philosopher Shelly Kagan, neuroscientist Molly Crockett, and economist Mushfiq Mobarak.

Concepts Workshop

Our highly interactive 2.5-hour long workshop will tackle this seemingly simple question: how can we improve the lives of others as much as possible? Topics will span philosophy, psychology, economics, and more. Participants will learn some of the key concepts and cause areas of Effective Altruism and take the first step towards figuring out how to maximize their impact, whether through their donations or their careers. No prior experience with EA required!

Career Workshop
Want to have a larger impact with your career? We will be running an 80,000 Hours inspired workshop to discuss any career plans you might have at this stage. 80,000 Hours is a nonprofit that researches what careers can have the most positive impact on the world, and also give career coaching to individuals.

Socials & Co-working

Socials include intercollegiate mixers with other EA university chapters, Among Us, and perhaps a socially distanced gathering as it gets warmer. We also have weekly co-working sessions where you can get some work done with breaks in-between.

Giving What We Can Pledge Drive

Giving What We Can encourages effective donations by having members make commitments to give. Most notably, they have the GWWC Pledge, which pledges 10% of your income to effective charities after you graduate and 1% of your spending money before.

Since this is a big decision, we encourage members to take the Try Giving Pledge, where they can set their own percentage of income/spending money and duration ie: 1% spending money for a semester. You can learn more about both pledges here!

We have had a number of YEA members take these pledges in the past and they would be happy to chat about how they made the decision and how it has been for them :) If you would like to chat with one of these members, you can fill out this quick  form.

Speaker Events

Although we are not hosting speaker events this semester, we encourage everyone to attend events hosted by the broader EA community. You can join the Effective Altruism Online Events Facebook group.

In the past, we have hosted speakers like Oxford philosopher Will MacAskill, co-founder of the Sentience Institute Jacy Reese, and Centre for Effective Altruism's Community Liaison Julia Wise.


Sometimes, our members write for the Yale Daily News. Read them here:

WOODSIDE: Update the first year dinner
CALCOTT: Charity revisited
MONRAD: Go forth and do the most good
QUAADE: Money can buy happiness
XUAN: Reparation, not just charity

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Take a look at the EA Forum. Read anything that looks interesting, ask questions, leave comments, and subscribe.

Take a free online course on Effective Altruism by philosopher Peter Singer. (Alternatively, you can apply to our Fellowship.)

Listen to EA-related podcasts, which you can find here. We recommend the 80,000 Hours podcast!

Participate in an EA Global conference and watch some of the talks from the recent EAGxVirtual conference.

Attend other virtual events organized by community members across the world, many of them on the EA Online Events Facebook group.

Apply for career advising from 80,000 Hours, EA Student Career Mentoring, or Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship (WANBAM).

Contact us at yaleeas@gmail.com