Applications for our 2021 Fall Fellowship are live and can be found here. The fellowship will be running from the week of September 20th to the week of December 6th. All Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are welcome to apply. Apply by September 12th!

At Yale Effective Altruism, our mission is to answer one question: how can we do the most good with our resources? We are driven to solve the largest problems that humanity faces today—whether it be global health, extreme poverty, animal welfare, engineered pandemics, AI Risk, nuclear security, climate change, or other existential and global catastrophic risks—through research, public policy, ethics, charity entrepreneurship, philanthropy, direct work, and the many other resources, opportunities and privileges at our disposal.

In joining us, you won’t just enjoy deep and lasting conversations, but a global community stretching across all disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology, political science, computer science, history, economics, and more, working together to identify and solve the most impactful cause areas of today.

The Yale Effective Altruism Fellowship is an intensive and rewarding semester-long program for students to engage with ideas and strategies for effectively improving the world. Fellows will combine the head and the heart, as they apply rigor and rationality to questions regarding morality and altruism.

Yale is a hub for intelligent, motivated, and compassionate individuals: we are tremendously well-placed to act on our good intentions. Our goal is to help prepare students to maximize their positive impact in the future. The Fellowship is also one of the best ways to get involved with Yale Effective Altruism and become part of our community.  We expect you to remain engaged after your first semester, and many graduating fellows go on to join the board, helping us organize events and activities for our members and the wider Yale community.

We hope to provide an engaging, personalized, and enjoyable experience for each of our selected Fellows. For that reason, the Fellowship has evolved with each new cohort and we hope this semester will be our best yet.

Fellows will:

  • Confront both philosophical and practical questions in weekly Fellows’ discussions
  • Gain priority access to discussions with guest speakers and professors
  • Participate in an intensive Introductory Workshop
  • Benefit from individual 1-on-1 mentorship and career-planning
  • Determine as a group where to allocate money for charity
  • Join a dedicated and passionate community

In order to get the most out of this program, Fellows should be:

  • Passionate about or committed to helping others
  • Driven to do as much good as they can
  • Excited to dedicate their career to doing good and/or donate a portion of their income to charity
  • Open-minded and flexible; willing to change their beliefs in response to persuasive evidence
  • Willing to commit 3-4 hours per week throughout the semester, including weekly discussions

Our fellowship is currently open to all current Yale students (subject to expanding in the future). For non-Yale students, we recommend EA Virtual Programs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to yaleeas@gmail.com.

In addition to the Yale Effective Altruism Fellowship, we also host a range of events and activities for the wider Effective Altruism community at Yale, which you would be more than welcome to participate. You can sign up to our newsletter to hear about our upcoming events!

Apply Here by September 12!