Miriam Huerta

President, Board Manager

Miriam is a junior from Wisconsin studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She aims to use her engineering skills to develop devices that have the potential to help people around the world, and she is excited to explore how to effectively accomplish this goal.

Jessica McCurdy

Senior Advisor, Fellowship Manager

Jessica is from the rural town of Fort McCoy Fl. After being overwhelmed by the many good charitable and social causes she adopted Effective Altruism as a methodology for making the biggest positive impact.

Joe Kwon

Board Member

Joe is a senior in Stiles from Riverside, California. He is studying computer science and psychology and hopes to pursue research in cognitive science after graduation. He is particularly interested in issues about AI Safety.

Eui Young Kim

Board Manager

Eui Young '21 is a philosophy major from Seoul, South Korea. She is inspired by Peter Singer and hopes to become a lawyer. She is particularly interested in global poverty, animal ethics, and climate change.

Thomas Woodside

Vice President, Community Chair

Thomas is a sophomore Bay Area native looking to major in computer science. He is interested in the potential of using machine learning and artificial intelligence for the good of humanity, as well as trying to mitigate the many risks of such technologies.

Trevor Shorb

SOM Liaison

Trevor is an MBA candidate at Yale SOM. While in Peace Corps, he read The Life You Can Save and was hooked.  His goal is to manage and scale effective organizations at the intersection of the public and private sector.

Andrew Doris

Discussions Chair

Andrew is an M.A. candidate studying development and foreign policy. A former Army officer, he was first drawn to EA while researching how to maximize the impact of his charitable giving, but now hopes to work in the field professionally. His favorite charity is Give Directly, and he values altruism that respects the preferences of its intended beneficiaries.

Braden Wong

Webmaster, First Year Liason

Braden is a first year hailing from the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. A prospective Ethics, Politics, & Economics and Computer Science major, he is drawn to the ethical questions and economic implications of artificial intelligence. Through EA, he hopes to explore responsible applications of AI in education, technology, and economic development.

Emma Wilson

Board Member

Emma '21 is a Russian and Eastern European Studies Major from Chicago. She joined YEA because of something written on this website: "Too often, people are paralyzed by the amount of suffering that seems to be present in the world...or unsure about how, if at all, they can help."

Katie Skoff

Communications Chair

Katie Skoff '23 is from Vienna, VA and is a Cognitive Science major. Since learning about Effective Altruism in her first year at Yale, her interest in helping others has grown, especially in the area of animal welfare.

Norman Watkins

Alumni & Mentorship Chair

Norman is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History and a Spring '21 Fellow. He is interested in developing programs that connect Yale Effective Altruism with Yale alumni and assist YEA members with networking, skills acquisition, and professional development.

Christian Zada

Effective Careers Chair

Christian is a prospective economics major originally from Los Angeles. He is inspired by EA's use of economic frameworks to tackle society's most daunting problems. As Effective Careers Chair, he aims to spread the EA community's wealth of career advice and guidance to the Yale community.

Mira Thakur


Mira is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin.  She is from Houston, Texas and is planning to major in  Mathematics and Philosophy and Ethics, Politics and Economics.  She participated in the YEA Fellowship in Fall 2020 and hopes to make meaningful connections with others striving to live an altruistic life.

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