Fall 2018 Fellows

Ally Soong

Ally Soong is a sophomore in Yale College.  She chose to do the YEA Fellowship, because she was looking for a space and a community in which to work through issues of ethics, morality, and altruism. In the transitory period of growth and change that is college, she wants to challenge herself to sit with these difficult questions as she figures out the kind of life she wants to lead going forward.

Bianca Li

Bianca is a senior in Yale College majoring in cognitive science. She is broadly interested in how people allow morality to influence their decisions, and feels fortunate to be a YEA fellow so that she can develop a deeper understanding of this inquiry. After she graduates (*cries*), she plans to go to law school and work in criminal justice reform.

Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth Hopkinson is a first-year student in Yale College who plans to pursue a field of study relating to public or environmental health. She chose to participate in the EA Fellowship in order to discover more about how to maximize her own positive impact within a community of like-minded students. Through participating the in Fellowship, Elizabeth hopes learn more about the framework of EA while challenging her own preconceived notions relating to service and giving.

Gabrielle Molina

Gabrielle is the founder and executive of Teaching Artists International, a 501c3 nonprofit that connects musicians to socially- driven music programs around the world. Her background focuses include nonprofit leadership and public education. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching focusing on the intersections of music education and social development and three undergraduate degrees in Clarinet Performance, Spanish, and Global Studies. She is honored to be part of this fellowship and looks forward to using EA frameworks and concepts to make better informed decisions.

Grant Higerd

Grant Higerd is an MD/PhD student studying the neurological mechanisms of pain, with the goal of developing new classes of pain treatments. He hopes to become a psychiatrist-scientist and do research to develop more effective medicines and interventions for conditions such as chronic pain and substance use disorders. He is excited to become a part of the EA community and learn concepts that will allow him to do the most good through his career and personal life.

Lorenzo Pinasco

Lorenzo Pinasco '21, born and raised in Lima, Peru, studies philosophy and economics in Yale College. He hopes the fellowship will help him make smarter career choices in order to help others.

Jessica Church

Jessica Church is a first year student at Yale Divinity School pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion focused on how Christian theology and ethics can inform politics, activism, and public policy. She is glad to be part of the Effective Altruism Fellowship because it will provide a different framework through which to explore "doing the most good." Jessica comes to Yale after working for five years in Democratic and progressive politics.

Nancy Lu

Nancy studies bio and stats in Yale College (Class of 2020). She chose to be a part of this fellowship because she truly believes in EA's core principles and hopes that the movement will encourage everyone to be most effectively altruistic.

Nancy Wu

Nancy chose to participate in the fellowship because of her interest in and past experiences in social entrepreneurship. For an instance, at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, she organized 15 kids in her high school to help run a business venture selling international cultural items on Taobao (China's Amazon) and raised 2,000 euros through profits to donate to Zataari, the second largest Syrian refugee camp.

Alex Hu

Demirkan Coker

Elif Simsek

Malcolm Sailor

Michael Bogaty

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