Fall 2020 Fellowship

Jessica McCurdy

Fellowship Facilitator

Jessica is from the rural town of Fort McCoy Fl. After being overwhelmed by the many good charitable and social causes she adopted Effective Altruism as a methodology for making the biggest positive impact.

Eui Young Kim

Fellowship Facilitator

Eui Young '21 is a philosophy major from Seoul, South Korea. She is inspired by Peter Singer and hopes to become a lawyer. She is particularly interested in global poverty, animal ethics, and climate change.

Miriam Huerta

Fellowship Facilitator

Miriam is a junior from Wisconsin studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She aims to use her engineering skills to develop devices that have the potential to help people around the world, and she is excited to explore how to effectively accomplish this goal.

Thomas Woodside

Fellowship Facilitator

Thomas is a sophomore Bay Area native looking to major in computer science. He is interested in the potential of using machine learning and artificial intelligence for the good of humanity, as well as trying to mitigate the many risks of such technologies.

Saket is a sophomore studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and Environmental Science from Chandler, Arizona. He is interested in grassroots organizing as a means to change, and hopes that the Effective Altruism fellowship will allow him to critically engage with that concept.

Peter is a 2nd year MDiv student at Yale Divinity School, with Andover Newton Seminary, seeking ordination in the UCC. Before he came to YDS, he studied for four years at Doane University in Crete, NE, where he graduated with a BA in History and worked on fundraising and Development with their Advancement Office.  Due to Covid-19, he is back in his hometown of Kansas City, KS, but he plans to return to New Haven in the Spring. Peter is excited to be part of YEA, because it offers an amazing opportunity to live his Call and collaborate with driven individuals from fields and specialties outside of his own.

Miguel is a student in Berkeley college currently taking a leave of absence from online classes to focus on work opportunities outside the classroom. He hopes that through the YEA fellowship, he can develop a wider set of mental frameworks to employ when contemplating the foundational philosophy that drives modern systems of inequity and injustice. Miguel is a prospective Ethics, Politics, and Economics major, and he hopes YEA will help him narrow down what he wants out of a career.

Alvin is a Murray sophomore in the YC Class of '23 from Athens, Georgia. He plans to major in Economics and is considering a double major with Statistics and Data Science. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, skating, and listening to all sorts of music. He loves working with data and seeing how societal trends may be viewed quantitatively in addition to qualitatively, and is excited to see how his interest in data will mix with the ideologies of Effective Altruism.

Matt is a sophomore from Shanghai currently on a leave of absence. He is interested in politics, technology, literature, and philosophy, but knows very little about what he wants to do in the future. Currently he is working for the US Embassy in Skopje as well as trying to catch up on a rather long reading list. Matt hopes that the YEA Fellowship will give him skills and community to work toward doing the most good.

Julia is hoping to major in neuroscience and English at Yale. She is so excited to learn how to better apply the skills she is learning at Yale to help our community and make an impact in the fire. She is interested in discovering the best ways to apply direct impact and research to help others.

Anastasia is a graduate student originally from Austin, Texas studying public health and nursing. Before returning to school, she practiced as an ICU nurse for 6 years! In her spare time, she loves to hike and practice yoga. She is interested in learning how EA might help to connect her clinical skills to advocacy and policy work.

Mark is a first-year in Morse College, interested in studying some combination of economics, literature, philosophy, and/or mathematics. He's largely interested in researching and developing progressive social policy, both domestically and internationally. Mark became interested in Effective Altruism after recognizing it as a way to continue and reflect on the socially-oriented service work he did in his hometown of Austin, Texas. He loves discovering new music and new books, and has a long list of recommendations for both.

Shervin is a freshman in Hopper from San Diego, California. He plays tennis and is very passionate about social entrepreneurship. He is looking to double major in Economics and Global Affairs. Shervin hopes to meet like-minded people in YEA to help each other learn and grow.

Nico is a first-year in Davenport College. He is a Yooper from Marquette, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nico is a prospective Biology or Chemistry major. And he is interested in applying the reasoning and research approach of science to the problems of the world. His interest in Effective Altruism was sparked following time in the Montana Conservation Corps, and is excited to learn much more about it through the fellowship program.

Alexa is a first-year best expressed in conjunctions: China and Singapore, Physics and Philosophy, Rock and Roll. She will find her place in the world through a problem most worth solving, and now continues the quest with Effective Altruism. Inspired by Nick Bostrom's "philosophy with a deadline", she has enjoyed examining AI safety through epistemology and ethics; at YEA, she hopes to explore different issues and tools of reasoning in greater depth.

Vanessa is a first-year in Pierson College from Ridgewood, New Jersey who is uncertain of her major but leaning towards the biological sciences. She is excited to join and learn from the Yale Effective Altruism community as a Fellow, and she hopes to develop a better understanding of the most effective and sustainable ways to do good, especially in healthcare. She especially looks forward to the interdisciplinary aspects of YEA. When Vanessa is not buried in textbooks and classical literature, you will likely find her playing the violin or napping under trees.

Mira is a first year in Benjamin Franklin.  She is from Houston, Texas and is planning to study Mathematics and Philosophy.  She was introduced to EA through a Coursera class and hopes to make meaningful connections with others striving to live an altruistic life.

Yuhan is an MBA/MFA joint-degree candidate at Yale School of Management and Yale School of Drama (Theater Management). During her past two years at Yale, Yuhan did her fellowship as Development Associate at Theatre Development Fund, served as the Associate Managing Director of Yale Cabaret, and was Production Associate for six productions at the 2019 Avignon Festival. Stepping into the intersection of the nonprofit and the private sector, Yuhan hopes to deepen her understanding of effective altruism, and practice critical thinking on creating positive impact through her fellowship with YEA.

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