Fall 2021 Fellowship

Yale Cohort

Peter Strobel

Fellowship Facilitator

Peter is a 3rd year MDiv student at Yale Divinity School, with Andover Newton Seminary, seeking ordination in the UCC. Before he came to YDS, he studied for four years at Doane University in Crete, NE, where he graduated with a BA in History and worked on fundraising and Development with their Advancement Office.  Due to Covid-19, he is back in his hometown of Kansas City, KS, but he plans to return to New Haven in the Spring. Peter is excited to be part of YEA, because it offers an amazing opportunity to live his Call and collaborate with driven individuals from fields and specialties outside of his own.

Braden Wong

Fellowship Facilitator and Manager

Braden is a sophomore studying Ethics, Politics, & Economics. At YEA, I run the website, coordinate first-year outreach, and have facilitated several fellowships.

Alicia Cazares

Fellowship Facilitator and Email Coordinator

Alicia is a freshman from Downey in Southern California. She is interested in following the pre-med track and especially curious about many of ethical implications of the research and developing technologies emerging in the medical field. Alicia was introduced to effective altruism through Bulldog Days of April and hopes to explore different issues to see how she can have the greatest impact.

Fellowship Facilitator

 I’m a ‘24+1 first-year from sunny, sunny Arizona. Through EA, I have been able to explore how my broad, abstract interests—in neuroscience, AI, law, science fiction—translate into effective, impactful applications for how we harmonize our technological advancements and societal future.

Will Aarons

Fellowship Facilitator

Will is a first-year from Raleigh, North Carolina interested in philosophy and education policy. He discovered EA in high school and has been slowly proselytizing his family members ever since. As part of the fellowship, he's excited to meet new friends, discuss the ethical dimensions of cause selection, and learn about how he can do the most good in college and throughout his career.

Fellowship Facilitator

Nico is a sophomore in Davenport College. He is a Yooper from Marquette, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nico is a prospective MBB or Environmental studies major. And he is interested in applying the reasoning and research approach of science to the problems of the world. His interest in Effective Altruism was sparked following time in the Montana Conservation Corps, and is excited to learn much more about it through the fellowship program.

Fellowship Facilitator and Curriculum Director

 I’m a first-year from NYC interested in studying economics and politics. I’m interested in global health and development, improving how political institutions deal with long-term problems, and enjoy rooting for the soccer team Arsenal (unfortunately, an increasingly difficult task as of late).

Fellowship Facilitator

Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Wisconsin. I am interested in the intersection of technology, public policy, and nonprofits. I would like to eventually go into nonprofit entrepreneurship. 

Fellowship Facilitator

My name is Emily, and I’m a junior studying Comparative Literature and Philosophy! I got involved in EA in my freshman spring and am interested in journalism, policy work, potentially philosophy academia. 

Fellowship Facilitator

Dana is from a small beach town in Maryland. As a prospective MCDB major with hopes of entering the medical field, she hopes to learn how she can help others the most effectively throughout her career.

Aarya Agarwal is a first year from Austin, TX in Hopper College. He is planning to major in some combination of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics. As a YEA Fellow, he hopes to learn how to approach our greatest problems, from climate change to pandemics, in the most impactful way.

Ahmed is a first year in Hopper College hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. His primary interest in International Politics gravitates him towards approaching problems by analyzing them from various perspectives and seeing how they fit into a comprehensive whole. Through YEA, he hopes to discover more specifically how he hopes to channel his passions and academic interests into real-world benefit.

Ana Sofia is a first-year at Pauli Murray college potentially majoring in Economics and exploring the other social sciences. She is passionate about philanthropy and is interested in learning the methodologies of smart giving and high impact altruism. Ana Sofia is specially interested in global poverty, social mobility, and gender inequity.

Aranyo is a first-year from Kolkata, India, intending to major in CS and Psychology. By day, Ray is a mild-mannered freshman juggling classes. By night (and most weekends) he is, by turns, a not very mild-mannered harmonium player, a poetry enthusiast, an aspiring neuroscientist, a reader of science fiction novels, a terrible gardener, and an okay cook. At YEA, he aspires to bridge the gap between change and making, and understand how changemakers can optimize resource use in a rapidly changing world.

Aryan is a sophomore in Pierson college hoping to major in something related to the field of economics. He is currently undecided (and feels  a lot of impending doom regarding) what he wants to end up doing in life, and he hopes effective altruism is a way to examine the best possible practices that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Ben is a junior(-ish) in Grace Hopper college majoring in economics with an interest in sustainable development and global inequality. This semester, he is taking a leave of absence to live with friends in New Haven and work remotely at an environmental economics consulting firm. While he has some familiarity with Effective Altruism, he is looking forward to the fellowship as a source of conversations and community that will help him go from principles to action. In his free time, Ben enjoys singing Russian folk music, hiking, going for long bike rides, and consuming science fiction in any medium.

My name is Charlie Karner (he/him) and I am a first year in Morse College from a suburb of Chicago, IL (counterintuitive from the photo with the Golden Gate Bridge, but just trust me!) I am interested in studying something within the Social Sciences, Creative Arts (with an emphasis on Music), Political Sciences, and more. In any of these areas, I hope to embody the ideals of Effective Altruism by doing the most good in an authentic, resourceful way: it is my goal to merge both the head and the heart in approaching our most pressing world challenges.

Danielle is an MD-PhD candidate in the departments of Genetics and is originally from New Mexico. She plans to pursue neurosurgery and basic science research as a career and has vast interests including: emerging technologies, health equity, and climate change. She is particularly excited to meet other Yale scholars interested in working together to make the world a better place.

David is a first-year student from Montreal hoping to double major in philosophy and cognitive science, so as to engage with both moral philosophy and moral psychology. He is particularly interested in animal ethics and understanding how we might reshape our psychological attitudes towards nonhuman animals to better incorporate them into our circle of compassion.

Edward is a sophomore from San Jose, California studying Computer Science and Economics. He's passionate about reducing suffering in both his community and the wider world. Edward is joining YEA to learn where he can best allocate his time to improve peoples' lives.

Edwin is a first-year in Pierson, interested in studying a combination of applied math and computer science. In his free time, he enjoys making music and watching anime. Through the fellowship he hopes to learn about the most efficient ways he can leverage his education and career to do the most good for others.

Eleri is a first-year in Grace Hopper College from Pennsylvania and Hong Kong. She is interested in public health and environmental economics. Eleri hopes that the YEA Fellowship will give her skills and community to work towards doing the most good with her education and career.

Eric is a first-year in Branford, from Toronto, Canada. He is interested in studying Cognitive Science, EP&E or any the fields underneath either. Through YEA, he hopes that he'll learn how to practically implement his moral beliefs into doing good in the world, and find a community of people who are inspired to do the same!

Gian is a first year from São Paulo, Brazil, interested in majoring in Economics or Statistics & Data Science. He is excited to engage with the ideas of Effective Altruism to develop a framework to assess, and consequently guide, his actions in order to maximize his positive impact on society.

Hassaan Qadir is a freshman in Grace Hopper. He's interested in tissue engineering, genetics, and synthetic biology, and he plans to major in Biomedical Engineering. Whether through Effective Altruism or startup ventures, he hopes to provide sustainable solutions to those in need.

Justin is a freshman in Davenport College from Los Angeles, California. He plans on majoring in Computer Science and Economics and wants to explore the intersection between technology and social entrepreneurship with Effective Altruism. Justin hopes to use technologies like AI to most effectively help people while also considering their ethical implications. In his free time, Justin enjoys reading, hiking, cooking, and playing Spikeball.

Koray is a first-year in Davenport College from St. Louis, Missouri. He plans to major in Chemistry or Computer Science & Economics, but he is still exploring potential interests. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, walking, and chatting with friends. He is currently most interested in exploring healthcare, and he is hoping to explore other fields as well. Through YEA, Koray hopes to learn more about using an evidence-based approach to contribute most effectively to society. He is excited to learn new perspectives from his peers in YEA.

Lakshimi Swaminathan is a Master's student majoring in International & Development Economics. She hails from India and was introduced to the EA philosophy through the book 80,000 hours. She hopes to broaden her horizons through Yale's EA fellowship.

Lillian is a first-year in Silliman college. She is from Chevy Chase, Maryland and is looking to study everything she possibly can before settling down in a major. As an artist and writer, she seeks to do everything creatively. Lillian wants to continue the work she has done on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and get involved in environmental justice. She hopes that through YEA she can broaden her capacity to do good and form an idea of what career paths might allow her to make a positive impact.

Marcelo is a Chemical Engineering major passionate about tackling the climate crisis. In applying effective altruism, Marcelo currently focuses on what he believes is high-impact work in developing carbon removal solutions. Marcelo enjoys dissecting meaningful problems and is excited to learn more about how effective altruism applies in a broader global context and the high-impact issues it identifies.

McKenna is a second-year Physics and Cognitive Science student from Tucson, AZ. She agrees with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that "the human voice is the organ of the soul." This is why she aspires to use her voice for good during this fellowship, future service in the Air Force, and life to come!

Megan is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin who hopes to double major in Cognitive Science and Global Affairs. She is looking forward to engaging in discussions with the YEA community and better understanding how she can make the most impact in the world. She is unsure of her career path but open to exploration, and hopes that helping others is a central part of what she does at Yale and beyond.

Minseong (Min) is a sophomore looking to major in Global Affairs and/or Economics. He's particularly interested in humanitarian economics, and through EA he is hoping to strengthen his sense of direction to better navigate his way through the humanitarian sector. He also loves listening to, playing, and making music, as well as jogging, sitting out in the sun with friends, and enjoying life in general!

Patrik is a first-year in Benjamin Franklin College from Helsinki, Finland. He is looking to major in either Ethics, Politics, and Economics or Global Affairs, and he is particularly interested in global governance. He is very excited to begin his journey with Effective Altruism in order to facilitate his search towards the platforms and ways in which he can be of most help to others, both during his time at Yale and beyond.

Rachel is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight college. She is from San Diego, California and hopes to major in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. Within the broad scope of global causes she is particularly passionate about education reform. She is looking forward to all that the YEA fellowship will bring and hopes that it will help concretize her goals for her future career.

Rudy is an undergraduate Computer Science and Mathematics major from Chicago, Illinois. As an Eli Whitney student, Rudy is interested in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and e-commerce. His interest includes cyber security, non-profit aid, and corporate compliance. He hopes to use this fellowship to help him maximize the magnitude of his impact on others.

Sam is a sophomore in Saybrook college thinking of studying environmental engineering. Overwhelmed by the number of causes that one could support, she is interested in learning about the effective altruism framework for picking impactful problems to work on. Specifically, she is interested in how she can apply an environmental engineering skill set to high impact causes.

Sarah is a first-year in Pauli Murray College. She is from Los Angeles, California and plans to study Global Affairs and Education Studies. Sarah hopes to pursue a career in public service and learn how to most effectively advocate for change with the strategies of Effective Altruism. Through this fellowship, she aims to further amplify the impact of her work in the nonprofit sphere and meet a community of dedicated change-makers.

Sungwoo is a computer science major from Glendale, California. He has a particular interest in Deep Learning for defense systems. He likes hiking, works out, and drink boba. He hopes to use the fellowship to expand EA knowledge on multiple subjects.

Zoe is a first-year in Trumbull College. She is from South Mississippi, and hopes to double major in Statistics & Data Science and Economics. She wants to complete research in the data science field with an emphasis on Big Data. Her interest in Effective Altruism was sparked from tutoring elementary students for state tests, and she is looking forward to exploring the interdisciplinary aspects of YEA!

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