Spring 2019 Fellows

Joseph Kwon

Joseph Kwon is from Riverside, California. He is studying computer science and psychology and hopes to pursue research in cognitive science after graduation. He wants to explore intelligence and participate in tackling ethical issues involving AI.

Rabhya Mehrotra

Rabhya Mehrotra is a first-year in Yale College, from the Washington DC metro area. She hopes to study computer science and anthropology, and would like to pursue a career in international poverty reduction. She first learned about humanitarian aid and policy in high school and college debate, and learned more about effective altruism her senior year. This summer, she will be going to Malawi to work for a healthcare non-profit. She is excited to learn about the various ways that Effective Altruists measure poverty, deal with flash crises, and ensure that they address a diversity of issues.

Herman Peng

Herman Peng is a first-year in Hopper College hoping to major in political science, sociology, or Global Affairs. On campus, he works as a first-year liaison to the Asian American Cultural Center, researcher for the Yale Roosevelt Institute Equal Justice Center, consultant for the Elmseed Enterprise Fund, and instructor for the Chinese American History Project. The main reason he wants to be a part of this fellowship is to learn more about how to apply effective altruism principles into real life settings. Herman is originally from Millbrae, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is a Golden State Warriors and Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Isabel Coleman

Isabel Coleman ’22 grew up in Birmingham Alabama.  A prospective philosophy major, she has always been interested in confronting moral dilemmas systematically.  She was drawn to the YEA community when she realized that they had been doing that for years, and making an impact doing it.

Hannah Beinecke

Hannah Beinecke is a student at the School of Management, taking this year off to work on her startup Greater Good Solar (greatergoodsolar.com).  Her previous experience was mostly in international development, working projects spanning marine conservation in Madagascar, education and sanitation in India, energy policy in France, and most recently investing in financial inclusion products in India.

Jordan Pilant

Jordan Pilant is in Silliman College class of 2021. Jordan has been a member of the Mock Trial team for the past two years and is very interested in the law and bringing about positive change to the judicial system. Jordan is also on the Yale Dramat Associate Board and produced “Creature” in the fall. She also volunteers with Yale's No Closed Doors and finds it extremely fulfilling. She hopes to learn how to make a positive change in the Yale community and beyond through her time in YEA.

Kueho Choi

Kueho '21 is from the Washington DC-Baltimore Area.

Christelle Umubyeyi

Christelle's background is environmental engineering but she is also interested in broader aspects of development and poverty alleviation.

Alannah Maynez

Alannah is a sophomore majoring in psychology from Portland, Oregon.  She got involved in YEA because the more she learned about the organization and the people who are a part of it, the more she realized it aligned with my most important values of compassion and service.  She's particularly interested in how YEA can teach her the best, most moral way to maximize the amount of good she can do for certain communities, particularly the queer community.

Ananya Kachru

Ananya is a first year student at Yale and is interested in the nexus between politics, women empowerment, and education. She is from Woodbridge, Connecticut (yes! only a little more than five miles away from Yale!). Ananya is excited to learn more about effective altruism, especially in the context of social enterprises, to better understand how to maximize beneficial impacts. In addition to taking part in the Yale Effective Altruism fellowship, she is a part of the Yale Debate Association, South Asian Society, Yale Splash, and Women's Leadership Initiative. In her free time, she loves to travel, dance, take photos for VSCO, browse through inspirational quotations, and just talk about literally anything.

Arizona Greene

Arizona '19 is from Carrollton, GA with a passion for data analysis and social impact. She is excited to help empower organizations to better serve their communities. She enjoys playing music, dance, and learning new things.

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