Summer 2020 Fellowship

Kaleem Ahmid

Fellowship Facilitator

Kaleem is in his second year of studying for his Masters in Public Health at Northeastern University, after graduating with a double-major in Health Science and Philosophy from there. He founded Effective Altruism at Northeastern after keenly reading and following prominent EA’s, like Peter Singer, whilst in high school in South Africa. Kaleem is currently preparing his applications for PhD programs in Public Health and intervention evaluation, whilst also researching for the Happier Lives Institute

Iris He

Iris is a second-year Cognitive Science student at McGill University. She is originally from Shanghai, China. Outside of school, she is passionate about mental health, especially among international students. She lives in a collective, where she practices communal living and builds urban sustainable living models. Last summer, she volunteered in Indonesia where she developed business for villagers in a social entrepreneurship project. She feels very excited to be a part of the fellowship to learn how to improve the world more effectively.

Annie Klar

Annie is originally from Australia and is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science at McGill in Montreal. She hopes to use her degree and her minor in international development, to help contribute to achieving sustainable development world wide. She is attracted to effective altruism due to its tactical approach to achieving good, and is excited to grow as a both a student and a member of the global community.

Paula Soumaya Domit

Paula is a Mexican Lebanese Northeastern student of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, as well as a minor in International Security Studies. Paula Soumaya is primarily interested in effective conflict resolution and peace-building. Her current research centers around solutions to Mexican cartel violence, but she aspires to contribute to peace efforts all over the world. She is excited to be part of the fellowship to explore how she can produce the most positive impact in her career.

Braden Wong

Braden is a first year hailing from the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. A prospective Ethics, Politics, & Economics and Computer Science major, he is drawn to the ethical questions and economic implications of artificial intelligence. Through EA, he hopes to explore responsible applications of AI in education, technology, and economic development.

Elif Coskun

Elif is a Political Science and Economics student with a minor in Global Health at Northeastern University. She is an international student from Ankara, Turkey. She aims to enter an MPH program soon and she wants to know how she can best improve the lives touched by inequity in her community. She is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of issues that touch upon politics, economics, and public health.

Lakshanyaa Thamarai Kannan

Lakshanyaa is a rising second-year undergraduate student at Northeastern University. As a Cell and Molecular Biology major with hopes of entering the medical field, she seeks to implement science-based solutions to many of the problems facing our world today. She was drawn to the EA community's drive to do as much good as possible and is excited to apply the concepts of effective altruism to her professional and personal life.

Maggie Munro

Maggie is entering her fourth year studying Political Science and Communication Studies at McGill University, hailing from a small coastal town in British Columbia. She is passionate about advocacy and political and social activism, particularly to raise awareness of political violence, inequity, and both human and animal rights abuses. She looks forward to learning how applying EA concepts in her work can increase its positive impact and effectiveness.

Maude Laroche

Maude lives in Beauharnois, a small village on the south shore of Montreal. She is about to start academics in geography. This science studies the relation between humans and their environment. It covers countless issues. She has already studied geopolitics in cegep. She decided to participate in the YEA Fellowship to complete her training. She is convinced that EA can help her achieve her professional goals and allow her to meet people with interests similar to hers.

Elisa Danthinne

Elisa is an Industrial Engineering senior at Northeastern University and is currently spending quarantine in her hometown of Boise, Idaho. She came across the EA movement when questioning herself on what to do after graduation. Elisa is looking forward to further diving into this community to learn how she can use her privilege to do good.

Daniel Broun

Dan is a fourth-year Computer Science and Philosophy major at Northeastern University from Lexington, MA. He is passionate about AI safety and how technology can be used to make the world a better place. The data-driven approach to helping people and the idea of doing the most good possible with the least amount of resources is what attracted him to EA.

Francisco Orliacq

Francisco is 23 years old and a final year medical student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and the British Hospital of Buenos Aires. He is passionate about learning, which he enjoys the most while doing research and teaching. He has volunteered at his University for years, and he believes in the importance of studying ethics as a vital foundation of knowledge.

Noah Seth

Noah is from Baltimore, MD and is studying history and economics as an undergraduate at Northwestern University. With a passion for government and civic leadership, he is looking forward to applying EA’s data-driven approach to develop inclusive narratives to galvanize support for progressive policy changes for the benefit of all marginalized communities.

Sophie Slape

Sophie is a third-year student at Northeastern University pursuing a degree in International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology major. She is currently working at Global Health Corps for her co-op and is interested in global health and medical anthropology. She looks forward to learning more about effective altruism and being a part of the EA community!

Kasey Shibayama

Kasey is from Seattle, Washington, and is a sophomore studying Computer Science at Northwestern University. He was drawn to EA for its way of combining empathy with careful analytical reasoning. He's interested in figuring out how to do the most good with his career and is excited to meet and learn from other motivated students in the fellowship. Outside of school, he's an avid Spikeball player and baseball fan!

Sarah Cleveland

Sarah Cleveland is from Hopewell, New Jersey. She is going into her second year at Mcgill University studying economics and molecular biology. She started a local non-profit, Hopewell Gives Back, to encourage community participation around local needs and hopes to further her impact on a larger, more impactful scale.

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